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What Does a General Contractor Do?

When you are looking for a Scottsdale general contractor or Phoenix General Contractor it is important to understand the role.  General contractors oversee every element of complex construction, renovation, and demolition projects. When you need new plumbing, you hire a plumber. When you need a new electrical system, you hire an electrician. When you need plumbing, electrical, construction, clean-up, and more, you hire a general contractor.

When you hire Brien Contracting for a construction project in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area, we take care of everything, from acquiring permits, materials, scheduling of resources and services, inspections, and more.

Before Construction

Before construction begins, we’ll hire subcontractors, coordinate schedules, contact material suppliers, and secure all necessary permits. We’ll stay in communication with all stakeholders throughout the project. We are your point people for any questions you may have about project status, timeframes, budget, and what to expect next.

When you work with Brien Contracting, we supply all liability insurance and worker’s compensation, thus removing this financial burden and concern and placing it on us, Brien. You can take additional comfort in knowing we have earned a very high safety record and continue to work with our team to ensure this continues.

During Construction

We’re on-site during the entire project. We supervise all work being done by subcontractors, taking full responsibility for their safety and ensuring that all of their work is on spec, to code, and of high quality. This includes ensuring that everyone is following manufacturer guidelines during construction to guarantee that you’re protected by warranties, and that the building is both safe and functional.

Our company handles any issues onsite, including scheduling conflicts, safety concerns, procuring missing materials, and any other unexpected events. We take the lead on the entire project, and subcontractors come to us with any questions or challenges they encounter.

After Construction

Once construction is completed, we handle all cleanup. We’ll continue to be available to you post-construction if you have any questions or concerns.

Brien Contracting is a professional general contracting and construction management company. We execute commercial and residential projects throughout Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, and all of Arizona.

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